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Easy blind measuring guide

 Simple measuring guide

First step to measuring is to picture the type of blind you require and where you want to fit, this may sound obvious but below is a list of the common things to look for

Handles the protrude. Move the blind forward in the recess or request ectension brackets where available.

Part tiled windows. Not a problem with rollers or vertical blinds but measure the narrowest width for Venetian, Roman and Plated blinds.

Measure width top, middle and bottom and never assume all windows are the same size.

Dose the window or door open inwards

Always use a metal tape, measure twice, itís a good check to measure in both imperial and metric and then compare.

Always give sizes in millimeters (mm), ie. 1000mm not 100cm or 1 meter, most people make the simple mistake of putting the decimal point in the wrong place.

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Simple measuring guide
First step to measuring any type of blind